About Us.

John, his family and the entire Bounce-It-Out team invite you to join them for unlimited open play, start-to-finish birthday planning and celebration, and an unbridled source for fun.

Come play. Come party. Come Bounce-It-Out!

Bounce-It-Out opened its doors officially in November of 2008. However, the idea for Rochester’s largest indoor entertainment facility started much smaller, and much earlier.

President and CEO John S. began thinking about possible opportunities with the growth of his own family in August of 2005. As his daughter began to grow up, he realized that there weren’t very many locations in Rochester that provided year-round entertainment for children. Thus, Bounce-It-Out was born, inspired by his daughter’s own vision of play.

With 17,000+ sq/ft space, John wanted to maximize the amount of safe, healthy and affordable fun for children, while creating an environment of adventure and creativity for each guest. Exercise is so important for today’s youth and with increasingly busy schedules, combining exercise with all-day entertainment seemed a perfect fit.

Since 2008, Bounce-It-Out has grown from an open play facility, to a premier destination for birthday celebrations for children up to age 10. They have grown to include arcade games and even a virtual sports simulator.

Bounce-It-Out is honored to be a part of the Rochester community and to provide a safe place for families to come together and experience the ULTIMATE play and party space.

While keeping the guests as the focus and most important priority, Bounce-It-Out will continue to grow and adapt to the community’s needs, as well as always embrace the wonderment of children and encourage them to always take a break and just be kids.

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